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Superstar Rajinikanth Issues Public Notice Against Unauthorized Commercial Exploitation

Superstar Rajinikanth has issued a public notice against the unauthorized commercial exploitation of his name, image, voice, and other unique characteristics. His advocate, S. Elambharathi, has released a notice stating that the actor has sole control over the commercial use of his personality and that any infringement will result in civil and criminal proceedings.

The notice, released on Saturday, stated that various platforms and product manufacturers have been misusing Rajinikanth's name, image, voice, and likeness to confuse the public and entice them to purchase their products. The notice emphasized the actor's immense popularity and the high level of respect he has earned in the film industry, stating that any damage to his reputation would result in a significant loss.

Rajinikanth is currently filming the big-budget movie "Jailor," which features Malayalam superstar Mohanlal in a cameo role.